Rubbish Removal Liverpool

Rubbish Removal Liverpool

Do you hate rubbish? Want to get rid of it immediately? 

Not a problem! We at The Liverpool Rubbish Removal will help you get rid of the junk with ease. Covering the entire Liverpool region, we come with one aim. And, that is to provide rubbish or trash free property. Here is our Rubbish Removal Price guideline page for your reference.

When looking for Rubbish Removal in Liverpool, the local residents and people in the surrounding area have a strong preference for The Liverpool Rubbish Removal. And that is due to our effective results and professional approach. Whether you need office cleanup, residential or commercial cleanup, we have your back.


As a full-service rubbish removal companywe offer a good range of services to customers like you. Some of which are as follows: –

  • Apartment Clearance
  • Residential/Commercial Rubbish Removal
  • Garden Clearance and Waste Removal
  • Garage Cleaner Services
  • Builder Waste
  • House Clearance Services
  • Residential Junk Removal

You can find numerous removal companies in Liverpool. But, when you’re finding the best, the options narrow down. If you want rubbish removal services as per your convenience, this is indeed the place for you.

Make the smart decision that residents of Liverpool make and get the rubbish thrown out of your lives? Call us right now on 0151 318 6078! Do you want a fixed precise price quote? No problem, simply send us photographs via our booking request form and a member of our team will get back to you in no time.

If you need additional insights, you can visit us here.

Why Choose Us?

You must be wondering why people in Liverpool and neighbouring area choose The Liverpool Rubbish Removal. Stop wondering, and let’s dive into some real facts.

When you book our services, you’ll deal with the most professional staff. You don’t have to move a finger except for pointing where the rubbish is. Yes, we’re that good. And, rest you can leave on us.

What’s in it for you?

To be very frank, everything in here is for you. We’re a company for the people. And, we are proud to serve the people of Liverpool region. Let’s show you some of your benefits: –

  • Competitive Pricing: For Rubbish Collection Liverpool, we present the most attractive pricing offers. So, you can get the work done by experts and that too by saving ample money. Isn’t it good?
  • Single Day/Late Night Clearance: Yes, you heard it right. We offer our customers in Liverpool, one-day clearance and late-night rubbish removal service. If you call us before the afternoon, we’ll make sure that we get everything sorted out. If you’re comfortable with nights, provide out of hours service too depending on available slots.

Need more info? Phone us now on 0151 318 6078.

  • Fast Booking & Free Quotes: Forget those traditional and long methods of booking. You can fill our booking form to check prices. And, you can then select the desired solution. For a fixed price quote, send us photographs of the items to be removed via our Booking Request Form or call us at 0151 318 6078.
  • Excellent Reputation & Reviews: People in the Liverpool region choose The Liverpool Rubbish Removal for Rubbish Collection Liverpool because of our quality and trust. Our presence and what people have to say about us indicates our success and reliability.
  • At your Convenience: Are you too busy but still want your place free from rubbish? Worry not. You can let us know your convenient time and leave the rest on us.
  • Licensed and seven days a week Service: Be aware of those unlicensed waste carriers. And come to us. Also, we operate during weekends. So, convenience is in your pocket.

Choose us for your Rubbish Removal in Liverpool for residential as well as commercial properties. Regardless of the size, we’ll make sure that you get the best.


Areas we cover

We at The Liverpool Rubbish Removal serve Liverpool and areas neighbouring the city. We have expanded our reach due to increased demand and great response from people. Here are the areas that we proudly serve: –

  • Halton
  • Knowsley
  • Sefton
  • St Helens
  • Wirral

If you are located anywhere in the above regions, then you can easily enjoy our top-rated services. Give a chance to our experts and never look back!



Rubbish Removal FAQ

For your convenience, we have listed out some of the frequently asked questions. Hope it helps you out!

  1. What is The Liverpool Rubbish Removal all about?
  • We’re a professional and skilled rubbish removal brand. Having completed a range of commercial and residential rubbish collection projects, we have gained expertise in this business. Cutting it short we’re a full-service company that’ll help you remove rubbish or junk from your place.
  1. What Do You Take Away?
  • DEMOLITION DEBRIS: kitchen, garage, deck bathroom, shed
  • CONCRETE Debris: stones, patio, gravel, home improvements debris
  • WOOD: firewood, lumber, fencing etc
  • GARDEN REFUSE: branches, hedge clippings, compost
  • FURNITURE: chairs, beds, mattresses, couches.
  • OFFICE STUFF: table, computers, cabinets, electronics etc
  • GARAGE: old tools, junk, boxes etc.
  • APPLIANCES: refrigerators, TVs
  • FIRE & WATER: damaged materials
  1. What Items Can’t You Take?
  • Asbestos
  • Acids
  • Chemicals, Aerosols
  • Paints
  • Oil drums
  • Poisonous Items
  • Simply hazardous waste
  1. Do you have the staff to do all the loading, clearing and sweeping the junk?
  • Yes, we do. We send the truck with a dedicated team to handle everything. You can relax and enjoy your coffee!
  1. Do I have to arrange for a skip container?
  • Nope. Our truck comes with anything and everything we might need. A parking space is what we require.
  1. Do you provide the labour to do all the carrying, lifting, disposing and loading?
  • Yes
  1. Will you come to my shed, yard, basement and house, attic, office to take the items?
  • Yes, it is.
  1. Will you take air containers, solvents, batteries oil, paints and substances considered hazardous?
  • Nope. We carry only nonhazardous items.
  1. Will you remove a single unit of furniture like a fridge or sofa?
  • Yes
  1. Do I need to gather everything in one place?
  • No, not at all. If you’re hiring The Liverpool Rubbish Removal, we’ll do everything for you!!
  1. Do you clean out basements, garages, sheds, yards attics and other debris?
  • Yes
  1. Do I have to arrange for carrying bags or something like that?
  • We have everything ready and packed in the truck.
  1. Do I have to pay for a fully loaded truck even if the truck is partially filled?
  • No, you’ll pay for the filled truck, items you want us to dispose of and the time is taken. The cost also depends on what time it takes and the size or volume of items it involves.

Are there any other questions or queries? Call us Right now at 0151 318 6078

How much does Rubbish Removal Cost?

Rubbish removal in Liverpool can varry to a large degree when it comes to pricing. But not when you deal with us. At The Liverpool Rubbish Removal, we offer competitive pricing options that suit you the best. We won’t burden your pocket at all. Here our Rubbish Removal Prices page table guideline. Do you want a fixed price for your removals? Not a problem, just send us photogaphs of the items to be removed via our Booking Request Form page. A member of our team will contact you with a fixed price and available slots.

The list of prices and services is given below: –

  • Minimum Price – £24.50
  • Black Bags off regular waste £3.00 per bag (Minimum price £21.00)
  • Tyres – £3.00 per piece
  • Bottles (glass )– £5.00 each
  • Mattress – Double /Single (Minimum Charge) Kingsize – £30.00
  • Carpets – From £45.00
  • Refrigerators – £25.00 (Non-Commercial)
  • Bathroom Clearances –Regular size from £80.00
  • Kitchen appliance Clearances –Regular size from £120.00
  • Monitors /TV’s– £11.00

The prices are for some standard goods or items. As you may have something, we have not mentioned in the list. And, for that, you can call us at 0151 318 6078

However, to know the best prices, you can upload the photographs of the items you want us to remove through the online quotes form. This will give us a vague idea of what services you expect. For better clarity, you can call us and explain the requirements.

And we’ll quote you accordingly.

How to Book Our Services?

Booking with us is easy. No rubbish no tantrums!

Our booking forms have made it super easy. You can use booking forms on our website choose the service and the size of the container that’s best for you. Both options of booking online by calling us at 0151 318 6078 are available.