House Clearance Liverpool

House Clearance Liverpool

Don’t’ like a dirty house? Hate rubbish and trash lurking in your house?

We hate that too. If you’re tired of searching the term “house clearance near me”, its time that you halt your search.

We’re The Liverpool Rubbish Removal, One stop solution for every house cleaning need.

We specialize in all aspects of the Rubbish Removal Services in Liverpool. And house clearance is one of our many specialities. Let us help you declutter your living space and reclaim your lost space. When it comes to house clearance, the quality standards automatically raise.


Whether it is furniture, garden waste, bulky items in your house or a clearance due to bereavement, we have your back. So, if you want the best, The Liverpool Rubbish Removal is what you should choose.

When searching for House Clearance Liverpool Services, you must make sure to choose the safest and best as you would never want some rookie handling your property. We’re fully licensed and insured. So, you’ll be in safe hands.

Have something in mind? Want to book our services? Call us now at 0151 318 6078 and schedule us right away.

If you want a precise fixed price quote, simply fill our booking request form with photographs of items to be cleared.

Key Features – Rubbish Removal

  • Insured and Licensed– You are fully secure and in good hands.
  • Cost-Effective– You can save some money for yourself.
  • Registered Company-We know how and where to dispose of the waste, so you won’t be followed by law enforcers. No fly-tipping.
  • Same Day Service– We’ll help you save a lot of time.
  • Customer Satisfaction– 100% satisfaction guaranteed

What is House Clearance?



House clearance in simple terms is removing or clearing the house of junk, trash, garbage or anything old. However, reasons could be numerous. Some of the reasons may be the death of a loved one, shifting or moving abroad etc.

Do you think that hiring a skip or putting items in a storage locker is the option? Well, to your surprise, hiring a house cleaning company could be of real help. Also, you can get a better solution at a much lower cost!

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How Does House Clearance Works?

It’s pretty simple. You select a house cleaning company of your choice. Which in this case would be The Liverpool Rubbish Removal, only if you care for your house. We’ll help you with one of the best house clearance in Liverpool.

Once you call us, we’ll present you with free estimates and ask some questions regarding the size, time and the service. As, our firm is licensed, insured and DBS checked, you don’t have to worry about dealing with spammers at all. Here is our rubbish removal prices page guideline for your reference.

Once you set the clearance date, our team arrives with the required equipment. The process begins by packing the items you want us to take away. Once we pack the stuff we begin segregation of the items.

Segregation is of the stuff that can be: –

  •  Donated To Charitable Trusts
  • Disposed of
  • Recycled

As we have links with the local recycling facility, the process becomes super easy. Also, you don’t have to worry about disposable items. We always make sure to use only environmentally friendly methods. We love nature as much as you do.

Want to Talk? Need some more info? Call us on 0151 318 6078, and get your free quotes!!

House Clearance FAQ

Do you have questions for us to answer? You can always refer to the below FAQs for help. And, if you are unable to find your question or answer, please call us at 0151 318 6078.

  1. Are you registered and hold a license?
    Yes, we are licensed and registered.
  2. Do you have employer liability and public liability insurance?
    Yes, we do. Our insurances cover you and our employees as well.
  3. Do you clear everything?
    Yes —Except for hazardous wastes and aerosols, we clear white goods, furniture, carpets, household items, garden waste, office waste etc.
  4. Is there a charge for quotations/estimates?
    No —without any obligation, you get quotes for FREE.
  5. Do you charge a fee to remove the items?
    A charge applies if the items are rubbish and not sellable. If our cost is covered, we don’t charge anything.
  6. How long will a general clearance take?
    A full house cleanup can take somewhere between 2-6 hours. On average 3 hours and in some cases it can take longer. We also offer Same Day Clearing!

How much does House Clearance Cost?

The prices mentioned below are the minimum that we present. Or you can view our Rubbish Removal Prices page for our price guideline.

We make sure our prices are super competitive and we can guarantee the best in class service. No fly-tipping and responsible service is what we can assure you.

If you want a precise fixed price quote, simply fill our booking request form with photographs of items to be cleared.

Below you can find some average prices: –

  • The Liverpool Rubbish Removal: Minimum Call Out charge – £24.50
  • Mattress price based on an average of 3) – £60.00
  • Fridge or Freezer -£40.00 each
  • RECYCLING CHARGES – £180.00 per van load
  • STAFF PAY- £216.00

The house clearance cost depends upon the loading time or volume of the items. However, if you have some other requirement, you can send us photos of house clearance items. You can send the pictures using our online booking quote form.

This way, you can get a close estimate as per your requirements. Call us on 0151 318 6078 for the best house removals Liverpool.

How to Book?

For your convenience, we’ve made the booking very easy—no ads, not subscribers list. You can book the service online by filling the Booking request form. You can mention the necessary details, and you’re done.

Using the online booking quote form, you can easily get your estimates or quotes. All you have to do is send pictures of the clearance items. If you cannot find the booking form, please visit here or call us at 0151 318 6078 and let us help you with the booking.

How we recycle House Clearance items?



We recycle up to 90% per cent of the waste or items we clear. We have numerous ways of achieving the same. However, we make use of only environment-friendly methods to do so. Here are some of the methods we use: –

Charity Donations: We donate somewhere between 50% per cent of the items we clear. The donations usually are made to the homeless, wildlife sanctuaries and other charitable shops. We’re closely linked with human welfare societies in Liverpool.

Recycling Centers: 30% per cent of the total matter collected goes to the registered local recyclers. They segregate as per the convenience and recycle up to 90% per cent of the total.

Staff Reuse: We recycle up to 5% per cent by means of staff reuse. Our staff members are given the liberty to choose reusable items as per their choice. Also, they can give those items to friends or family.

Landfill: Sadly, the remaining 10% of the waste we collect goes into the landfills. It’s simply the by-product that cannot be recycled or reused. There are methods which make use of gas to convert the waste into a form of energy.

Also, there are various researchers trying to put landfills to good use. The decision is yours!

People in the entire Liverpool choose The Liverpool Rubbish Removal whenever they need house clearance Liverpool or house removals, Liverpool. The quality, professional behaviour, and genuine services make us one of the best.

If you want the best for your house or property, you know where to go. You won’t regret the decision of hiring our experts. And, it could prove the best decision of your life.

Call us right now 0151 318 6078 to achieve a great house clearance.